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 Another Challenge

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PostSubject: Another Challenge   Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:54 am

Resting inside the launching craft, 9Spade closed his eyes and began to reach inside, centering himself and preparing for the coming battle. Around him was a bustle of activity as they made the final preperations for the launch, but inside he did his best to stay calm. This was one of his favourite times, the preperation, getting ready for the battle that would soon begin.

On one of the screens he called up the location of the battle, which was a simple desert valley, one that was good for a zoid like his. Unless he was upagainst a burrowing type zoid, it was unlikely that the enemy would be able to take cover from him, and if they were, then he would just adapt. It was something that few pilots were prepared to do these days, adapt, but not only was he prepared to do so, but he would do it with a smile on his face and a finger on the trigger. For Emperor and Country and all of the stuff like that.

Receiving a signal, he lowered his flight visor, and began the launch preparations, heating up the engines and powering up the engines. Inserting his zoid computer gadget thingy, he imputed his details.

"9Spade, Launching the Redler."

Pressing the final button, The Redler took off, launching off through the off ramp and blasting off towards the battlefield.
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Another Challenge
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