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 NPC Combat System

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PostSubject: NPC Combat System   Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:52 am

Well, instead of just godmodding to the max with NPC warfare... I'm proposing an NPC Battle System:

To use, each faction must have 1 person giving commands. I'm also proposing the use of city captures... Each faction will start with the same number of cities.

The TOTAL count of a faction's troops is as follows:

Light weight(Faster, with weaker weapons) ground units = Number of cities controlled x Number of members in faction. Air units = that number x 1/2th. Heavy weight(Slower, but with devastating weapons and amazing range) = number of air units x 1/2th.

Each city is divided into 10 sections. Every post, a commander can move their light weight units at the max 3 sections, their heavy weights 1 section, and their air units 5 section.s A light weight must be within 1 section of its target in order to attack them, a heavy weight within 3 sections, and an air unit with 2 sections.

In general, a Heavy Units > Light Units > Air Units > Heavy units. This is of course, assuming they're both in range... if a heavy unit can fire upon a light unit before its in the same section, they'll win.

A commander is also capable of diving their units into different squads, each capable of moving individually without the rest of their unit type.

A turn = 1 post... commanders will take turns going in order.

Also, the RPG dice will need to have 9 faces for this system.

Each turn, a commander can order each squad/unit type to either:
[i]Note~ If a squad has a dis/advantage over another, then that will either split the number for the attacking team(if they're attacking, and naturally they need below a 4, then they'd now need below a 2) or double that(With same example, they'd now need anything below an 8.. Though, you can never get an automatic win. Rolling a 9 will always make you lose)

a.) Attack a squad within range. Using the RPG dice, the result will need to be your number of units in the attacking squad divided by the defending squad x 2, then they need to roll anything equal to below that to succeed(I.E, i have 100 units in my light squad, they have 50 units in their light squad. 100/50= 2. 2x2 is 4. I roll a 5, so the attack is not successful.) If you fail, then they can counter-attack(See below)

b.) Move a squad. If they move through a section an enemy squad is in then the opponent can pursue them(see below)

c.) Counter-Attack a squad that failed on their attack. They need anything but a 9 to succeed, if they fail then the opponent can Counter-Attack you again.

d.) Pursue a squad that moved through your section and strike them from behind. Your chances = normal attack x 2(I.E, 100 units, divided by defending 50 units = 2, x2 for normal attack, then x2 again for the Pursuing attack, which = Cool. If you fail then the opponent may Counter-Attack

The battle ends when one side forms a full retreat(If they have to pass through sectors with enemy squads in it, they can Pursue you) or is destroyed.

O.o' Just kinda threw this out here in about 10-20 minutes.. Its mainly just to make sense of NPC Warfare, since with zoids/knightmare frames its pretty hard to get around without making it either illogical or godmodding.
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NPC Combat System
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