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Lance Kotono
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PostSubject: Event Idea   Sat Apr 19, 2008 9:27 pm

Name: Codename 7G-LS0, A.K.A Rozarrian sneek attack

The storyline: With the impatiences of the Rozzarians getting dim for this war they decide to put codename 7G-LS0 on Arcadian territory in hope of bringing them down with this final attack. Arcadians struggling with poverty and low resources from last war don't have an idea about not even a bit and are to busy trying to recover the once great empire it was.

Rozzarian:the details will be given to emperor koko for secretive reason, and he will choose the group for the attack.

Arcadian:i ask that no Arcadian soldier say they know about the mission before it starts and i ask that when it does occur don't suspect that you can just know about it straight away. i have a reason for this and that is to make it interesting and more realitsic so that this will be more enjoyable.
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Event Idea
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